ANSALDO ENERGIA S.p.A. has been commissioned by ELETTRA GLT S.p.A, a company located in Trieste, Italy for the realisation of a combined cycle plant where all the main components (gas turbine, steam turbine, generator and heat recovery steam generator) are provided by ANSALDO ENERGIA. The total power output of the plant is 180 MW. The gas turbine is a V94.2 K model gas turbine dual fuel (natural gas and steelworks process gas), where the fuel used as main fuel is composed by a mixture of natural gas, blast furnace gas and coke oven gas in variable proportions according to the different working conditions of the steel work plant. The main features adopted to burn such a kind of variability of fuels are reported below: • fuel as by product of steel making factory gas (coke oven gas “COG”, blast furnace gas “BFG”) with natural gas integration; • modified compressor from standard V94.2, since no air extraction is foreseen; • dual fuel burner realised based on Siemens design. This paper describes the operating experience achieved on the gas turbine, focusing on the main critical aspect to be overcome and on to the test results during the commissioning and the early operating phase. The successful performances carried out have been showing a high flexibility in burning with stable combustion a very different fuel compositions with low emissions measured all operating conditions.

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