Meeting the test needs of future aircraft systems is the driving goal behind Arnold Engineering Development Center’s (AEDC) ongoing programs of turbine engine test facility modernization, improvement, consolidation, and streamlining. This paper will discuss the evolution of the AEDC J2 turbine engine test cell, its conditioned air supply system, and other related systems with emphasis on how modeling and simulation played a vital role throughout the evolutionary process. Modeling and simulation was used for the analysis of potential design changes, the coding and checkout of control system changes, as well as to improve control system performance and increase overall facility capabilities. These changes began under the Test Operations Modernization and Improvement Program (TOMIP) and continue today in the Propulsion Consolidation and Streamlining Program (PC&S). Already significant improvements have been made in facility capability, and these along with the steps still to come in the near future will be discussed as a turbine engine test facility continues to evolve to meet the test needs of tomorrow’s aircraft systems.

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