An investigation was conducted to perform study of small turbojet engine testing and analysis. This program was mainly to investigate the current steady and dynamic performance of a 12-pound thrust turbojet engine. As a result, we can establish the basis for future small turbojet engine design guidelines. This program involved the bench testing of the small turbojet engine at both design and off-design conditions, in order to establish the baseline performance of the engine. Using the PC based data acquisition system, we will be able to test the engine for both steady and dynamic performance and record data for different operating conditions, especially, during very rapid acceleration and deceleration of the engine at different rates. Also, a compressor map testing was conducted to provide the compressor map data to be used by the performance analysis. With the above testing, this program will establish a useful database for the 12-pound thrust turbojet engine. A performance analysis using GASTURB cycle analysis software was performed for performance prediction of the small turbojet engine for both steady state conditions and dynamic transient conditions. Both performance predictions agreed reasonably well with actual performance of the engine.

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