Non-linearity effects in rolling element bearings may arise from the Hertzian contact force deformation relationship, the presence of clearance between the rolling elements and the bearing races, and the bearing to housing clearance. Assuming zero bearing to housing clearance and ignoring rolling element centrifugal load effects, it has been shown in earlier work that Rotor Bearing Systems (RBSs) with deep groove ball bearings can give rise to non-linear behavior such as chaotic motion and jump. This paper extends the bearing model to include rolling element centrifugal load, angular contacts and axial dynamics. The effect of more sophisticated bearing models is illustrated in both a rigidly supported rigid RBS and a flexibly supported flexible RBS, the latter being a model of a test rig designed to simulate an aircraft mounted accessory drive unit. Results are presented on the effect of bearing preload on the unbalance response up to a speed of 18,000 rpm.

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