The Siemens Westinghouse Advanced Turbine System (ATS) has the ultimate goal of achieving greater than 60% LHV-based net plant thermal efficiency, less than 10 parts per million NOx emissions, a 10% reduction in cost of electricity, and reliability-availability-maintainability (RAM) equivalent to modern advanced power generation systems. The ATS program, which is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, introduces advanced technologies in three evolutionary steps to minimize risks and to increase the net benefits of the program. The W501G, the first step in the ATS engine introduction, incorporates many ATS technologies such as closed-loop steam cooling, advanced compressor design, and high temperature materials. The lead unit has completed full-load testing at the City of Lakeland McIntosh #5 site in Lakeland, FL and has produced power and revenue for Lakeland Electric since May 2000. Results from the testing are presented and future developments are discussed. Building on the current W501G, advancements will include steam-cooled turbine vanes and leakage enhancements. Continuing this low risk step-wise introduction of new technology, the W501ATS engine adds further advanced designs that achieve the program objectives. Siemens Westinghouse is also infusing ATS technologies into its mature frames in both new units and service upgrades to maximize the benefit of the program.

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