With the objective to perform reliable gas-turbine cycle calculations, a new, simultaneous use of two different thermodynamic blade cooling evaluation codes is presented. The proposed approach can be used to evaluate: (i) the blade coolant mass flow rate; (ii) the blade internal geometry data, necessary for the evaluation of (iii) the pressure drop of the coolant that flows through the blade; (iv) the main flow (hot gas side) Stanton number (employed to get concordance between input data for the two models), and (v) the temperature of the coolant as it leaves the blade at the outlet section Tco. The results for the cooled blade can easily be employed on a system level.

The base of the study is available data for air-cooled conventional gas turbine blades. Thereafter, for a given blade geometry, it is possible to investigate the influence of changing fluid properties for both coolant and hot gas, which is useful for studies of innovative gas turbine cycles.

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