The two-shaft Titan 130 industrial gas turbine was introduced into commercial service in 1998 and has gained field experience in mechanical-drive and compressor-set applications. A single-shaft configuration is also available for electrical power generation applications. The 14-MW class two-shaft engine is nominally rated at 19,500 hp with a simple-cycle efficiency of more than 35% at ISO operating conditions. It is available with two combustor options: a dry, low-pollutant emissions combustion system featuring Solar’s proven SoLoNOx technology or a diffusion-flame type combustor adapted from Solar’s proven Mars gas turbine.

The Titan 130 gas turbine design is an aerodynamic scale of the existing Taurus 70 product. The unit features a modified Mars air compressor and turbine section components directly scaled from the Taurus 70, resulting in a low-risk product design well-suited for industrial service applications. A major element of the development strategy included an extended field evaluation trial in actual operating conditions to demonstrate overall product durability. The first Titan 130 mechanical-drive package was placed into service at a natural gas pipeline compressor station and successfully completed a planned 8000-hour field evaluation program. Extensive inspection and operating data have been evaluated and the unit continues to operate in normal commercial service.

A mechanical-drive package requires the successful marriage between the driver and the driven equipment. Most applications require a combination of high efficiency and high performance flexibility. Emphasis was placed on providing excellent gas compressor coverage for this product. The successful application of such a compression system is discussed and supported by site test data.

This paper provides details of the Titan 130 field evaluation program, design enhancements and typical compressor set application performance characteristics.

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