A multistage turbomachinery computational fluid dynamics (CFD) system was developed and used to redesign an industrial core compressor for improved performance. Overall performance improvement goals of a 1% increase in the design point adiabatic efficiency and a 5% increase in high-speed surge margin were established for this first attempt at using this new system. Outlined in this paper are the details of how advanced multistage tools were incorporated into the existing design system. Data from the baseline and redesigned configurations are presented that illustrate the capabilities of the system. The redesign activities are reviewed, with emphasis placed on the ability of the tools to adequately predict axial stage matching.

A simple and economical means to increase compressor performance was found using the new CFD system. Test data confirmed that the redesign of the target compressor was successful. Engine results demonstrated a 2% increase in design speed compressor efficiency and a 4% drop in the high speed operating line with the redesigned blading installed, thereby exceeding the original efficiency improvement goal. This increase in compressor efficiency produced a 4% increase in engine shaft horsepower with a 16% decrease in the heat rate near the design turbine inlet temperature.

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