The development of the WR-21 Intercooled / Recuperated gas turbine started in 1991 and is now well advanced, having successfully completed ten engine tests at the Admiralty Test House (ATH) DERA Pyestock, NSWC Philadelphia and now having commenced endurance running at DCN, Indret.

The WR21 is the next generation of gas turbine prime mover, providing a significant annual fuel saving over the current marine propulsion gas turbines. Based on the RB211 family of commercial aero engines, the components are modified to incorporate an intercooler and recuperator into the simple cycle engine arrangement, improving the engine power and specific fuel consumption respectively.

The paper briefly outlines the engine tests of the WR21 development programme, and describes the instrumentation, data acquisition and processing systems that have been developed by Rolls Royce and the three difference test facilities to meet the varying demands of such gas turbine testing. The paper discusses the high levels of instrumentation used, its reliability and accuracy, the DAS architecture and the methods used to handle and process the data.

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