The EJ 200 engine powers the Eurofighter / Typhon combat aircraft and is being built by the four nations UK (RR), Germany (MTU), Italy (FIAT AVIO) and Spain (ITP). The engine is capable of 60 kN dry thrust and 90kN reheat thrust with a 15% built in growth potential. The specific thrust to weight ratio is ≈ 10 and the overall pressure ratio 26.

MTU’s 33% work - share package contains the development of the three stage LP Compressor, the five stage HP Compressor and the Digital Engine Control Unit.

This paper concentrates on the five stage axial HP Compressor. It describes the major design changes from the very first design verification engine (DVE) to a future all blisk version. It first provides a brief historical overview of the major design improvements which are then discussed in detail.

The rotor concept is discussed with respect to life, weight, material and repair.

The development of the casing to improve the tip clearance behaviour, the containment and the protection against titanium fire is outlined.

The stator concept is described in connection with an intense cost reduction program.

The HP Compressor has successfully completed testing and flight clearance has been approved for all standards. Thus far the HPC has accumulated more than 16500 hours total engine experience and over 1040 Eurofighter flights. The production engine manufacturing is in progress, with the first engine to be delivered in March 2001.

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