This paper outlines the main details of a technology transfer educational project between the EU and South America. It was sponsored by the CEC, The British Council and GUASCOR.

An international network called GEOPHILES was set up to train ten South American individuals selected by the South American partners. The technical subject was power generation with gas fuel from biomass and low calorific value coal.

The objective was to create a team of individuals with experience on a relevant discipline, giving each grantholder a different experience. To achieve this the training took place in several European Universities and a Spanish company. The trainees and their host institutions received state of the art training and material. They were also made aware of the advanced wealth creation capabilities within the European Community.

The European membership of the consortium included three Universities with important industrial and commercial links and an industrial partner. This gave the programme a valuable practical element.

The project was in two phases, firstly the preparation and delivery of the technical material in an intensive two week course. The second phase of the project was the mobility of the grantholders to Europe to carry out a six and a half month project on a subject relevant to the engineering of suitable power systems.

In the short term the benefit to the South American community was a small team of experts with an increased awareness of advanced environment friendly power generation systems. In the long term this may result in valuable business opportunities to European industry.

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