Pack aluminizing and vapor-phase aluminizing (VPA) are common methods for producing protective coatings on aero and industrial gas turbine hot section components. SermAlcote® slurry aluminization is an alternative to many industrial pack and vapor-phase aluminizing processes. SermAlcote® slurry aluminization processes are designed to meet existing commercial specifications while offering significant improvements in cost, quality and turntime over competitive aluminizing processes. Advantages of this processing route include simplified masking, shorter thermal processing cycles, improved diffusion capacity (no powder, simplified racks), and elimination of powder handling/storage concerns.

Unlike conventional slurry aluminizing methods, the SermAlcote® process produces very uniform diffused aluminide coatings over a very wide range of applied slurry amounts. This simplifies the manufacturing process and produces high degree of process repeatability and uniformity.

Data and examples are presented in order to describe the characteristics of SermAlcote® slurry aluminization processes for producing aluminide coatings, platinum-modified aluminide coatings, and over-aluminized MCrAlY coatings.

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