Ambient air temperature plays significant role in performance of a Gas Turbine. Frequently Gas Turbines in electrical power generation are single rotor and are directly coupled to the Electrical Generators. These machines normally operate 8,000 hours per calendar year under the 100% load. The control of the combustion air flow is achieved by modulating compressor Inlet Guide Vanes (IGV). The single shaft axial compressor consumes as a rule of thumb more than 50% of turbine useful expansion work. Axial compressor is high-volume, moderate discharge pressure machine. Its power demand to discharge ambient air to the turbine combustion system is very dependent on ambient conditions such as pressure, temperature and relative humidity. The optimization of the axial compressor aerodynamic loading under various ambient conditions is therefore mandatory. During the hot and humid summer days, especially from the noon time to 6:00 PM, the demand for the power is at its maximum.

This Paper describes selection, design and installation of the Inlet Air Cooling System. (IACS). The selected IACS is fine water mist, FOG. FOG System (FS) was selected because of its efficiency and because the clean water was available. FS incorporates Fog Generating Skid (FGS) and Fog Curtain (FC). FC is comprised of lateral lines with equally spaced. FOG Nozzles (FN). The FN is specially designed to generate individual “Fog Cones” that efficiently dissipate the water particles in the space. Fine water particles are atomized by incoming air in the Inlet Air (IA) duct. The homogenous mixture of FOG and IA is required to enhance the water mist particles evaporation process. In cases when the FS works in tandem with Evaporative Cooler (EC) most of the FOG particles are “injected” into the compressor suction. The injected FOG particles start to evaporate during the IA compression process. The water evaporation process simultaneously causes cooling of the IA being compressed. The result is reduced compression work and improved performance of GT.

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