Effects of the lateral-flow ejection (0 ≦ ε ≦ 1.0), pin shapes (square, diamond and circular) and flow Reynolds number (6,000 ≦ Re ≦ 40,000) on the endwall heat transfer and pressure drop for turbulent flow through a pin-fin trapezoidal duct are studied experimentally. The trapezoidal duct are inserted with a staggered pin array of five rows and five columns, with the same spacings between the pins in streamwise and spanwise directions of Sx/d = Sy/d = 2.5. Three different-shaped pins of length from 2.5 < l/d < 4.6 span the distance between two endwalls of the trapezoidal duct. Results reveal that the pin-fin trapezoidal duct with a lateral-flow rate of ε = 0.3–0.4 has a local minimum endwall-averaged Nusselt number and Euler number for all pin shapes investigated. The trapezoidal duct of lateral outlet flow only (ε = 1.0) has the highest endwall heat transfer and pressure drop. Moreover, the square pin performs a better heat transfer enhancement than the diamond pin, and subsequently than the circular pin. Finally, taking account of the lateral-flow rate and the flow Reynolds number develops correlations of the endwall-averaged heat transfer for three different pin shapes.

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