The results of an experimental research program determining the blade platform heat-flux level and the influence of blade tip recess on the tip region heat transfer for a full-scale rotating turbine stage at transonic vane exit conditions are described. The turbine used for these measurements was the Allison VBI stage operating in the closed vane position (vane exit Mach number _ 1.1). The stage was operated at the design flow function, total to static pressure ratio, and corrected speed. Measurements were obtained at several locations on the platform and in the blade tip region. The tip region consists of the bottom of the recess, the lip region (on both the pressure and suction surface sides of the recess), and the 90% span location on the blade suction surface. Measurements were obtained for three vane/blade spacings; 20%, 40%, and 60% of vane axial chord and for a single value of the tip gap (the distance between the top of the lip and the stationary shroud) equal to 0.0012-m (0.046-in) or 2.27% of blade height.

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