The new PGT5B is a compact, state-of-the-art, 6 MW industrial gas turbine. The unit is available in two configurations: a single shaft for power generation and a two-shaft for mechanical drive applications. Maximum commonality has been maintained between the single and two shaft models. Both units share a common gas generator, with evident benefits in all the installations where mixed operations are required. The two-shaft engine is simply obtained by removing the second stage turbine from the single shaft unit and adding a two-stage power turbine.

The unit is an evolution of the existing PGT5, building on the experience of the successful PGT10 model. The synergy between GE Aircraft Engines and GE Power System Nuovo Pignone, with the benefit of GE’s Six Sigma Total Quality Methodology, has permitted the application of the most advanced technology in the development of the major components of the engine.

The high efficiency axial compressor is a scaled down version of the successful PGT10B, chosen as the base compressor for the new PGT’s product line. It has been obtained by the combination of advanced fully 3D aero-design, custom airfoil shape and blade stacking optimization.

The annular DLE, dual fuel combustion system, developed according to the proven aircraft engines design, is able to satisfy the most stringent environmental regulations.

The axial turbine, with sophisticated air cooling system, is designed to reach high values of firing temperature consistent with future uprates. The application of advanced CFD analysis using 3D viscous multi-rows codes and unsteady simulation has resulted in a very high efficiency turbine.

The two stage uncooled power turbine capitalizes on Nuovo Pignone’s experience in the mechanical drive market. While the single shaft version is particularly suitable for power generation and cogeneration due to the high exhaust temperature, the two-shaft version, with wide operating speed range, is designed to be a reliable and efficient mechanical drive for compressors and pumps.

The Power Turbine speed for optimum application efficiency (up to 34.%) is 12,500 rpm, with a capability range from 50% to 105% of nominal speed.

The flexibility of the standard package satisfies the different installation requirements of oil and gas market.

The simplicity of construction and the modular design concept of both the engine and package facilitate maintenance and reduce downtime and labor during servicing.

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