This paper is Part II of a comprehensive study on the blade leading edge sweep/bend of supersonic and transonic axial compressors. The paper explores and analyses the kinematic characteristic variables of 3-D swept shock surfaces. In the research field called sweep aerodynamics of axial flow compressors and fans, many types of high loading swept blades are under an intensive study. So, in both the direct/inverse design methods and the experimental validations, the accurate grasp of the sweep characteristic of the blade’s 3-D swept shock surface becomes more concerned than before. Associated with relevant blading variables, this paper studied in uniformity the forward and zero and backward sweeps of shock surfaces, defined and resolved every kind of useful sweep angle, obtained dimensionless sweep similarity factors, suggested a kind of method for the quantitative classification of 3-D shock structures, proposed the principle of 3-D shock structure measurements. Two rotor blade leading edge shock surfaces from two high loading single stage fans are analysed and contrasted. This study is the foundation of the kinematic design of swept shock surfaces.

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