Saint-Gobain has developed a unique all ceramic SOFC stack with performance characteristics that make it an attractive solution to the cost and durability challenges of commercializing conventional SOFCs. Saint-Gobain’s all ceramic stacks achieve power density higher than 200 mW/cm2 when operating at 800 °C and 0.75 V/cell. Power degradation is low at <0.2% per kilohour over more than 12,000 hours of testing. Ceramic interconnect stability is verified for >16,000 hours using accelerated testing. Good performance under thermal cycling, power cycling and unplanned transients such as fuel or air loss has also been confirmed. With reliable R&D scale manufacturing and targeted testing platforms, Saint-Gobain has increased sub-scale stack power density by 61% and decreased interconnect cell resistance by 65% with further improvements in development.

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