Exhaust gas of internal combustion engine contains carbon-oxide and hydrocarbon. The temperature of these gases which are emitted in atmosphere are higher than 873 K. In the environment under the high-temperature gas. Reforming of Steam Methane Reforming, Water-Gas Shift Reaction and Carbon Precipitation are expected in the exhaust pipe. This environment of the exhaust-gases accommodates with operating environment of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC). Therefore, if electricity can be collected from such exhaust gas environment, engine system can utilize smaller AC generator and battery, and if the gas reforming and electrochemical reactions can clean the exhaust gases, that can lead to disuse catalyzer. Those also can accomplish lighter engine system and totally efficiency of engine system.

Therefore, in order to collect electricity from exhaust gas, the single type SOFC unit is designed and installed in the exhaust pipe of 110cc engine of a small motorcycle. Various experiments are executed in this paper. The experimental results show that the developed SOFC-unit works, and power density of about 8.5mW/cm2 is obtained.

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