To produce syngas from reforming of jet fuels for fuel-cell-based auxiliary power units, it is necessary to keep the fuel ultra-clean of sulfur. Several Ni-Ce based adsorbents for sulfur cleaning from jet-A fuel under room temperature were developed and tested in fixed bed reactors in this work. The adsorbent preparation procedure and calcination atmosphere were optimized for the highest adsorbent desulfurization capacity. Desulfurization performance due to the ratio of fixed bed column diameter (Dc) and adsorbent particle size (Dp) and liquid hourly space velocity (LHSV) were also investigated in a factorial experiment. The adsorbents can effectively remove sulfur in Jet-A fuel from over 1000 ppmw level to below 30 ppmw. The highest sulfur adsorption capacity achieved is 2.44 mg S/g adsorbent at the breakthrough point of 30 ppmw. To effectively scale up the fixed bed reactor, the LHSV should be kept lower than 0.65 and the Dc/Dp needs to be larger than 124.

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