High quality through-plane images of an operating polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) were visualized by employing synchrotron X-ray radiography to quantify liquid water in gas diffusion layers (GDL). Two types of GDLs, Toray carbon paper with and without micro-porous layers (MPLs), were employed and imaged during the operation. Performance data and x-ray images of these GDLs are compared to determine the impact of an MPL on water management. At low current density (<0.4A/cm2) under high stoichiometric ratio, the MPL has little overall effect, but may behave as a diffusion barrier for reactants. At higher current density (0.6A/cm2) and under low stoichiometric ratios, the MPL is observed to significantly affect the water management of the PEMFC and is credited for increased cell performance.

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