Washcoating copper catalyst in the micro-channel reactor for steam reforming of methanol (SRM) is advantageous to get high ratio of surface area to volume. Catalyst was coated using brushing method by making slurry with different metal oxides sol as binder (ceria, zirconia and yttria). In the preparation of catalyst slurry, the solid content, ratio of catalyst to binder, pH value and solvent were investigated. The adhesion of catalyst can be compared by estimating the weight loses of washcoating layer after 130W sonication for 30 min. The crystallite, morphology, reduction temperature and chemical environment of catalysts can be characterized by XRD, SEM, TPR and OTPR. The catalyst coated with various metal oxides sol mixing water/ethanol solvent with a specific solid content and catalyst/binder ratio in the neutral solution exhibits a good adherence with the substrate. The performance of fabricated micro-reformer is investigated in the temperature range 150–300 °C. In GHSV = 60,000 h−1, the conversion reaches 80% at 210 °C, and it corresponded to the generating of hydrogen for power output of 2 W assuming a 50% fuel cell operating efficiency. Furthermore, the fabrication of microchannels reactor connecting high temperature PEMFC is investigated.

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