In this work, the performance of solid oxide fuel cells at an intermediate temperature (600°C) that uses reformate gas and butane as fuel sources is investigated. Anode materials consisting of Ni and Ce0.9Gd0.1O2 (CGO91) and Ni and Y0.08Zr0.92O2 (8YSZ) are tested as steam reforming catalysts. Anode materials using NiO/CGO91 steam to carbon ratio of 3 and butane as the fuel source result in the better performance. However, even if the gas hourly space velocity is very low and NiO/CGO91 is used as the anode, the conversion of butane is not 100%. Additives are added to the NiO/CGO91 materials to increase the conversion of butane. Among the additives tested, the Rh is the most effective, resulting in 100% of butane conversion and no carbon deposition. Moreover, Rh added NiO/CGO91 SOFC single cell have a very low degradation rate when butane is directly used in conditions of steam to carbon ratio 3.

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