The conductive ceramic coating was used to improve an electrical performance of substrate steel, as well as to prevent the contamination of the chromium ion in SOFC. The (La0.8Sr0.2)0.98MnO3(LSM) conductive material was coated on Crofer22APU via a wet spray coating process. The adhesive strength of an interface between coated layer and metal substrate increased with the surface roughness of metallic interconnects. After the oxidation experiments of coated substrate during 8000 hours, the ASR showed a low value of 23 mΩ·cm2. These results shown that the coated oxides layer prevents the formation and the growth of scale (Cr2O3 and (Mn, Cr, Fe)3O4 layer) and enhance the long-term stability and electrical performance of metallic interconnect for SOFC.

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