The nickel based brazing alloys (BN-2, BNi-4) modified by reactive TiH2 have been studied for their gas sealing properties of anode-supported tubular SOFCs to ferritic stainless steel by induction brazing process. BNi-2 and BNi-4 are not wetted in YSZ electrolyte, but the brazing alloy with added TiH2 showed good wettability with YSZ electrolyte due to formation of a TiOX layer. Among the tested brazing alloys (BNi-2, BNi-4, modified BNi-2, modified BNi-4), all except modified BNi-4 did not join with YSZ. The gas tightness of a brazed cell was confirmed by OCV value, and it was stayed nearly the same as the theoretical value for 600h at 750 °C. Based on these experimental results, it is concluded that the BNi-4 modified by TiH2 is suitable as a sealing material in SOFCs operating at 750 °C.

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