Integrated gasification fuel cell (IGFC) systems combining coal gasification and solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) are promising for highly efficient and environmentally friendly utilization of coal for energy production. Most IGFC system analyses performed to date have used non-dimensional thermodynamic SOFC models that do not resolve the intrinsic constraints of SOFC operation. In this work, a one-dimensional finite volume model for planar SOFC is developed and verified using literature data. Special attention is paid to making the model capable of supporting recent SOFC technology improvements, including the use of anode-supported configurations, metallic interconnects, and reduced polarization losses. Results are presented for SOFC operation on humidified hydrogen and methane-containing syngas, under co-flow and counter-flow configurations; detailed internal profiles of species mole fractions, temperature, current density and electrochemical performance are obtained. The effects of performance, fuel composition and flow configuration on SOFC performance and thermal profiles are evaluated, and the implications of these results for system design and analysis are discussed.

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