Analytical models have been developed to describe the partial pressure distributions of reactants within solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) electrodes and introduce the concept of a reactant depletion current density. These existing analytical expressions for two-dimensional reactant partial pressure distributions and the reactant depletion current density are presented in non-dimensional form. Performance metrics for SOFC electrodes are developed including a correction factor that can be applied to button-cell predictions of pressure distribution and two forms of dimensionless reactant depletion current density. Performance predictions based on these metrics are compared to numerical predictions of partial pressure and depletion current density based on a finite element solution of the dusty-gas model (DGM) within SOFC electrodes. It is shown that the pressure correction factor developed provides a reasonable prediction of interconnect geometry effects. Thus, it is presented as a modeling tool that can be applied to translate component level fidelity to cell and stack level models. The depletion current density metrics developed are used to present basic design maps for SOFC unit cell cross-sections. These dimensionless forms of the depletion current density quantify the influence of sheet resistance effects on reactant depletion and can predict the deviation from the limiting current behavior predicted using a button-cell model.

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