In this investigation, we visualized water distribution and behavior of water in GDL (Gas Diffusion Layer) which is one of components of PEMFC using both Neutron and X-ray imaging. The experimental facility had a single channel on both faces of GDL. One was the channel to supply water and the other was the channel to supply air. These images were captured for water was supplied on different pressures. This investigation was performed at HANARO, KAERI, Korea (Neutron imaging) and Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, Korea (X-ray imaging). Neutron imaging showed good contrast and wide spatial range and X-ray imaging showed high spatial resolution. And they had 1∼2 sec exposure times which is enough time for unsteady behavior of water. These showed that neutron and X-ray imaging techniques are a powerful tool to visualize the water distribution and a behavior of porous media like as components of PEMFC. And they can give more useful data if they cooperate complementary.

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