We have developed a novel and highly effective electrode-supported SOFC with honeycomb structure for intermediate temperature operation. Honeycomb supported SOFC is known as one of the most compact SOFCs due to the large electrode area per unit volume, which is attractive with regard to space saving and cost reduction. In this study, we summarized the design of channel shape, size and sequence using numerical simulation and the technologies to realize the designed honeycomb SOFC fabrication. The calculation results showed that the wall thickness and the channel size of the honeycomb had to be less than 0.22 mm and more than 0.3 mm, respectively, for the sufficient net channel surface and the acceptable pressure drop. And a cathode-honeycomb supported SOFC can be the more efficient form with the lower current collection resistance, as compared with the anode-supported type. The actually fabricated honeycomb SOFC exhibited a high volumetric power density above 1 W/cm3 at 650 °C under wet H2 fuel flow.

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