Pr0.3Sr0.7Co0.3Fe0.7O3−δ (PSCF3737) was prepared and characterized as a cathode material for intermediate temperature-operating solid oxide fuel cell (IT-SOFC). X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS), and electrical property measurement were performed to study cathode performance of the material. XPS and EXAFS results proved that oxygen vacancy concentration was decreased and lattice constants of the perovskite structure material was increased by doping Fe up to 70 mol% at B-site of the crystal structure, which also extended the distance between oxygen and neighbor atom. Thermal expansion coefficient (TEC) of PSCF3737 is smaller than that of Pr0.3Sr0.7CoO3−δ (PSC37) due to lower oxygen vacancy concentration. PSCF3737 showed better cathode performance than PSC37. It might be due good adhesion by a smaller difference of TEC between Gd0.1Ce0.9O2 (CGO91) and electrode. Composite material PSCF3737-CGO91 showed better compatibility of TEC than PSCF3737. However, PSCF3737-CGO91 did not represent higher electrochemical property than PSCF3737 due to a decline of reaction sites by CGO91.

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