We have made extensive efforts to develop various compatible electrode materials for the ceria-based composite (CBC) electrolytes, which have been, reported as most advanced LTSOFC electrolyte materials (Zhu, 2003). The electrode materials we have investigated can be classified as four categories: i) LSCCF (LaSrCoCaFeO) and BSCF perovskite oxides applied for our CBC electrolyte LTSOFCs; ii) LFN (LaFeO-based oxides, e.g. LaFe0.8Ni0.2O3) perovskite oxides; iii) lithiated oxides: e.g. LiNiOx, LiVOx or LiCuOx are typical cathode examples for the CBC LTSOFCs; iv) other mixed oxide systems, most common in a mixture of two-oxide phases, such CuOx-NiOx, CuO-ZnO etc. systems with or without lithiation are developed for the CBC systems, especially for direct alcohol LTSOFCs. These cathode materials used for the CBC electrolyte LTSOFCs have demonstrated excellent performances at 300–600°C, e.g. 1000 mWcm−2 was achieved at 580°C. The LTSOFCs can be operated with a wide range of fuels, e.g. hydrogen, methanol, ethanol etc with great potential for applications.

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