A large-scale polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) with novel interdigitated (or discontinuous) flow channel has been investigated experimentally. Interdigitated channel geometry has the advantages of effective water removal and higher reaction efficiency through forcing gas transport in the diffusion layer. In this study, multiple-Z type flow pattern has been adopted on the interdigitated channels. The active area of flow channel plate is 256 cm2 (16 cm × 16 cm). The channel width and depth are 1 mm and 0.8 mm respectively. The rib width is 1 mm. The performance of single PEM fuel cell with an interdigitated flow field is studied with appropriated operating conditions. The results demonstrated that the multiple-Z interdigitated flow channel has better performance compared with the conventional Z type by presented in the form of Current-Voltage (I-V) polarization curves. The pressure drop loss of multiple-Z interdigitated flow field increases about one time with the conventional one. The experimental results under the effects of gas humidification temperature and reactant gas flow rate, etc. have been comprehensively discussed in this work.

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