The superthin PEM (≤ 30 μm in thickness) can be used in CCMs (Catalyst coated membranes) and helpful to lower the cost of fuel cells. In this paper, the CCM based on Nafion NRE® 211 membrane (thickness ∼25 μm) was prepared and assembled into a single fuel cell. The activation time, the V-I curves and the voltage vs time plot were used to characterize the performance of CCMs under variuos hydrogen/air humidifying conditions at ambient pressure. The experimental results showed that the fuel cell with CCMs based on NRE® 211 membrane had a shorter activation time and higher performance under humidifying conditions compared to that based on nafion NRE® 212 membrane (thickness ∼50 μm). However, it’s important to remove water from anode in order to maintain a stable performance of fuel cell. Moreover, the performance of the single fuel cell using superthin membranes could be improved at a high current density under non-humidifying conditions.

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