A control oriented analysis of an anode recirculation system that uses an ejector with a variable throat area is presented for a PEMFC system. Two control issues addressed in this paper are (a) achieving desired recirculated flow to meet humidity control requirements, and (b) regulating anode pressure to protect the polymer membrane from deformation. To meet these objectives, a static feedforward controller using the variable throat area is applied to control the recirculation flow rate, while a proportional-integral controller is designed for anode pressure regulation. A dynamic system model comprising of a nonlinear static characterization of the ejector and dynamic representation of the anode recirculation flow path is developed for controller design and evaluation. Linear analysis is used to derive design guidelines for tuning the feedback controller and to analyze the interactions between the feedback and the feedforward controllers. Our analysis shows that the system characteristics are dependent on the operating condition of throat area of ejector. To meet the control objectives for different operating conditions, a gain scheduling scheme is proposed to adjust the feedback controller parameters and the performance is evaluated through simulations. Results for two representative conditions are included.

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