The electrical behavior of a room temperature membraneless Alkaline Fuel Cell, with incorporated platinum particles in the anode and fueled with glucose, is reported. The Open Circuit Voltage, at different initial glucose concentrations was measured. Changes on the glucose concentration with time were monitored with the dinitrosalicylic acid method. Qualitative Thin Layer Chromatography demonstrates that the electrodes induce polymerization of the glucose. The electrical yield of the system was measured with different external resistors. The Open Circuit Voltage reaches a saturation value of 0.78±0.03 V at [glu]0 > 0.67 M. During four hours in Open Circuit conditions, there is a 20% drop in the concentration of reducing sugar in the fuel cell. Thin Layer Chromatography experiments show that the electrodes catalyze non-electrochemical glucose polymerization reactions. Assuming that the glucose is oxidized to gluconic acid, the electrical yield of the system is around 5%.

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