UTC Fuel Cells (UTCFC) over the last few years has partnered with leading automotive and bus companies and developed Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel-cell power plants for various transportation applications, for instance, automotive, buses, and auxiliary power units (APUs). These units are deployed in various parts of the globe and have been gaining field experience under both real world and laboratory environments. The longest running UTC PEM fuel cell stack in a public transport bus has accumulated over 1350 operating hours and 400 start-stop cycles. The longest running APU fuel cell stack has accrued over 3000 operating hours with more than 3200 start-stop cycles. UTCFC PEM fuel-cell systems are low noise and demonstrate excellent steady state, cyclic, and transient capabilities. These near ambient pressure, PEMFC systems operate at high electrical efficiencies at both low and rated power conditions.

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