The flow-field design of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFCs) is an important subject about the DMFCs performance. Flow-fields play an important role on ability to transport fuel and drive out the products (H2O, CO2). In general, most of fuel cells utilize the same structure of flow-field for both anode and cathode. The popular flow-fields used for DMFCs are parallel and grid designs. Nevertheless, the characteristics of reactants and products are entirely different in anode and cathode of DMFCs. Therefore; the influences of the flow-fields designs on the cell performance were investigated due to the same logic for catalyst used for cathode and anode differently. To get the better and more stable performance of DMFC, three flow-fields (Parallel, Grid and Serpentine) are utilized with different combination were studied in this research. As a consequence, by using parallel flow-field in anode side and serpentine flow -field in cathode, the most and highest power output was obtained.

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