To investigate the possible applications of the SOFC/MGT hybrid system to large electric power generations, a study for the kW-class hybrid power system conducted in our group is extended to the MW-class hybrid system in this study. Because of the matured technology of the gas turbine and commercial availability in the market, it is reasonable to construct a hybrid system with the selection of a gas turbine as an off-the-shelf item. For this purpose, the performance analysis is conducted to find out the optimal power size of the hybrid system based on a commercially available gas turbine. The optimal power size has to be selected by considering specifications of a selected gas turbine which limit the performance of the hybrid system. Also, the cell temperature of the SOFC is another limiting parameter to be considered in the selection of the optimal power size. Because of different system configuration of the hybrid system, the control strategies for the part-load operation of the MW-class hybrid system are quite different from the kW-class case. Also, it is necessary to consider that the control of supplied air to the MW-class gas turbine is typically done by the variable inlet guide vane located in front of the compressor inlet, instead of the control of variable rotational speed of the kW-class micro gas turbine. Performance characteristics at part-load operating conditions with different kinds of control strategies of supplied fuel and air to the hybrid system are investigated in this study.

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