In this paper, heat and mass balances of the intercooler in a 100 kW Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) system are analyzed by employing a commercial software IPSEpro. The compressor, ambient temperature, the humidification method and the PEMFCs cathode operating temperature were considered as the parameters influencing the heat and mass balances in the intercooler. Parametric studies of the heat and mass balances in the intercooler are carried out with various values of the parameters, such as operating pressure, air mass flow rate, compressor efficiency, ambient air temperature, cathode operating temperature and H2O injection temperature for the humidification, etc. As indicated in the paper, in the system with either high ambient temperature, high operating pressure, low cathode operating temperature or internal humidification, the required heat transfer rate in the intercooler is large. However, evaporation of H2O for the humidification contributes to reduction of the required heat transfer rate.

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