The preparation of ceria-based composite membranes by means of tape-casting technique and their oxygen permeation and methane reforming properties have been investigated. Oxide powders comprising of Ce1−xRExO2−δ (RE = Pr and Sm) and spinel-type ferrites of MFe2O4 (M = Mn and Co) were prepared by the citrate-based liquid-mix technique. As a result of the optimization of ceramics slurry composition, a crack-free dense membrane with dimensions of 5 cm × 5 cm and 140 μm in thickness was successfully prepared by means of doctor-blade technique. For Ce0.9Sm0.1O2−δ - 15 vol% MnFe2O4 membrane with a thickness of 133 μm, an oxygen flux density of 9.5 μmol/cm2 s was attained at 1000 °C under Ar-10% CH4 (100 sccm). The methane conversion and CO selectivity were 22 and 93%, respectively. Laminated membranes comprising of Ce0.9Sm0.1O2−δ - 15 vol% MnFe2O4 and Ce0.9Sm0.1O2−δ - 30 vol% CoFe2O4 were also prepared. The laminated membrane with one Ce0.9Sm0.1O2−δ - 30 vol% CoFe2O4 layer showed a higher oxygen flux density by a factor of 40% than that without Ce0.9Sm0.1O2−δ - 30 vol% CoFe2O4 layer.

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