Ni/YSZ cermet anode is required to simultaneously satisfy various properties as a key component of anode-supported type SOFC, since the cell performance is highly dependent upon anode properties. Ni/YSZ anode, with complicated structural features, consists of three different phases such as metallic Ni, YSZ ceramic and pores. Furthermore, the correlation between those structural features makes it difficult to independently optimize individual function of anode such as gas permeability, electrical conductivity and electrochemical activity. Thus, a great deal of efforts to establish structure-property-processing correlation has been made in this study in order to achieve improved anode performance. Critical process steps in anode fabrication were investigated in terms of raw material selection, mixing and granulation, and forming, judging from the performance evaluation of anode substrate. An optimized fabrication process, enabling to produce thin and large-area anode substrate with improved uniformity, will be presented with respect to multifunctional performance of Ni/YSZ anode, and resulting cell performance will be also discussed.

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