Adaptive control systems are one of the most significant research directions of modern control theory. It is well known that every mechanical appliance’s behavior noticeably depends on environmental changes, functioning-mode parameter changes and changes in technical characteristics of internal functional devices. An adaptive controller involved in control process allows reducing an influence of such changes. In spite of this such type of control methods is applied seldom due to specifics of a controller designing.

The work presented in this paper shows the design process of the adaptive controller built by Lyapunov’s function method for a hydraulic servo system. The modeling of the hydraulic servo system were conducting with MATLAB® software including Simulink® and Symbolic Math Toolbox™. In this study, the Jacobi matrix linearization of the object’s mathematical model and derivation of the suitable reference models based on Newton’s characteristic polynomial were applied. In addition, an intelligent adaptive control algorithm and system model including its nonlinearities was developed to solve Lyapunov’s equation.

Developed algorithm works properly and considered plant is met requirement of functioning with. The results shows that the developed adaptive control algorithm increases system performance in use devices significantly and might be used for correction of system’s behavior and dynamics.

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