The possibility of numerical modelling of the pump workflow allows to significantly reduce the cost of conducting experimental research and development. There exists a variety of gear pump semi-experimental and theoretical models. This work presents a method based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method, structural analysis finite-element (FEM) analysis and the acoustic analogy method and includes hydrodynamic, mechanical and acoustic sub-models. Large eddy scale turbulent model was used for accurate flow vortex and acoustic vortex structures description. Acoustic model is based on the gear pump frequency response estimation. The calculation was performed by a direct method in MSC Nastran. In order to receive more precise results during these calculations, the weight of the working fluid has been taken into account. Amplitudes and phases of the external loads have been mainly concerned to make frequency response calculation. The impact from the constant load does not cause dynamic response and was calculated in a static mode. These frequencies were used as initial conditions for air noise simulation. The developed model allows to evaluate acoustic pressure levels in different planes at given frequencies.

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