This contribution presents the novel Hydraulic Infinite Linear Actuator (HILA). It focuses on the control of motion and is based on simulation and analysis.

The novel actuator consists of two symmetric double acting cylinders with a common piston rod and hydraulically detachable pistons. Alternatingly one cylinder engages and drives the load while the other retracts, the HILA thus works in a kind of rope climbing motion.

The purpose of this contribution is to study the motion control of the HILA and to mimic the behaviour of a conventional cylinder. The HILA has three degrees of freedom which are temporarily coupled compared with one in a conventional cylinder. Further, the HILA with the chosen hydraulic system has two continuous and two digital control inputs. The challenge to be tackled is to combine the short stroke back and forth motions of the cylinders into a continuous smooth motion ofthe whole actuator.

Results from simulations and analyses show that the investigated concepts can keep the jerk within acceptable limits for many applications.

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