The article presents the design process of the gerotor pump body made of plastic. As the shape of the projected body a simple prism with a square base was adopted. That body shape is called the basic. It consists of three parts: front, middle and back body, which are connected by a screw joint. This shape was subject to strength analysis, using the FEM method. As a result of these analysis, the place and nature of the stress and deformation of the basic body shape was determined. It was established that the body is deformed in both axial ie. along the pump shaft axis, and radial directions, ie. perpendicular to the axis of the shaft. There have been made modifications to the basic shape of the body in order to reduce the stress and deformation. As a result of these modifications, the modified body shape was obtained, which was then subjected to strength analysis by FEM method. It was found that the modifications resulted in reduction of the stress and deformation. Reducing the stress values, enables loading of pump body with higher operating pressures. Reducing the deformation of the body leads to a reduction in axial and radial clearances in the pump and enables achieving higher efficiency.

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