Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) setups are widely used in research, since they allow us fast and accurate testing under realistic conditions and easy repeatability. In this paper a HIL-setup is used to emulate the behavior of a hydraulic pump with an electric motor/generator. The setup contained a real-time simulator (RTS), two electric motors and two frequency converters. A real-time simulator was used for simulating the hydraulic and mechanical parts of the hydraulic machine. In previous study, it was shown that a virtual model of a hydraulic machine in a HIL setup can be used for testing by emulating the hydraulic pump with an electric motor. As the built setup did not fulfill requirements, new components for this kind of HIL setup are needed to be chosen carefully: optimized for data transfer speed, low latency and suitable refresh rates. In this research an attempt to find the optimum electric motor parameters, for the emulation purpose of a hydraulic pump was made. The parameters should be chosen based on refresh rate of the motor and initial analysis to narrow down the choices.

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