Due to the complexity in unstructured environments (e.g., rescue response and forestry logging), more hydraulic manipulators are equipped with one redundant joint to improve their motion flexibility. In addition to considering joint limit constraint and maneuverability optimization like electrically driven manipulators, hydraulic manipulators can optimize flow consumption consider flow optimization aiming at energy saving and flow anti-saturation for redundancy resolution, since multiple joints are supplied by one pump. Therefore, this paper proposes a redundancy resolution method combining the gradient projection method with a weighted Jacobian matrix (GPM-WJM) for real-time flow optimization of the hydraulic manipulator with one degree of redundancy considering joint limit constraint. Its solution consists of two parts: a special solution (the weighted least-norm solution) and a general solution (the projection of the optimization index in the null space of the weighted task Jacobian matrix). Simulations are carried out to verify its effectiveness. The simulation result shows that GPM-WJM can meet the constraints of joint limit without affecting the tool center point (TCP) trajectory and utilize the remaining redundancy to optimize the flow consumption and manipulability in real-time, which can reduce average system flow by 10.45%. Compared with the gradient projection method (GPM) for flow optimization, GPM-WJM can reduce the maximum acceleration when avoiding the joint limits by 80% at the cost of slightly weakening the flow optimization effect, which is beneficial to improve the accuracy of the manipulator in practice.

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