Renewable energy resource investment is crucial to mitigating the effects of climate change. One underrecognized method is improving the performance of mid-sized wind turbines. A hydraulic Energy Storage System (ESS) can be added to a midsized wind turbine transmission to improve system reliability and produce more energy. This hybrid system also offers potential ancillary benefits, such as fault ride-through and strong wind pitch and yaw control. In this paper, results of recent improvements on our previously proposed hybrid system are presented. These improvements include a more realistic accumulator model to improve simulation fidelity and the addition of a hydraulic energy storage system to the power regenerative test platform at the University of Minnesota for experimental validation. Losses of the test platform are characterized and used to improve the quality of the simulation results. Wind samples are used to experimentally validate simulation results. The updated simulation is used to create a refined prediction of the benefits of the hybrid system for a 60 kW turbine.

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