Parameter identification is one of most interesting fields for researchers in control engineering field. Different methods have been investigated in recent years. Methods can be divided into two main categories: mathematical based methods and artificial intelligence approaches. Mathematical approaches also known as traditional method which uses different formula to have an estimation of some missed parameters in practical systems, and on the other hand artificial intelligence methods uses different approaches for this purpose. This paper presents a new parameter identification method. A new modified evolutionary algorithm, which can be sorted as a approach of artificial intelligence, is presented and applied to a servo-hydraulic system as a parameter identification method. Coyote Optimization algorithm is chosen for this purpose. The presented modified algorithm is changed in a way that in each iteration, uses details from previous steps and have a better performance in comparison with the basic algorithm. The proposed algorithm tries to update each candidate based on its previous condition which has been missed in basic algorithm. The proposed intelligent method is used as parameter identification method and applied to servo-hydraulic system. The results for simulation are given. Results show the efficiency of the presented method. Based on results, it can be drawn that the proposed method can be supposed as reliable method for nonlinear systems.

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