Actuator systems are widely used in rockets, missiles, airplanes, and other aerospace vehicles for the attitude control of aerospace. The application of high-performance actuators is crucial in improving the maneuverability and rapidity of aerospace. To promote the development of aerospace actuator technology, the main trend of actuator technology development is proposed, and a comprehensive summary of actuator systems is given. First, the application and function of an actuator system are introduced briefly. Second, the types and characteristics of the actuators are introduced in detail, and the technical development of the actuator is presented. Third, the main types and functional characteristics of the energy supply of aerospace are introduced, and comparative analysis is performed on the basis of the feature that ground energy cannot be used in aerospace. Fourth, the redundancy design technology of actuators is discussed, and the development and application of redundancy technology are examined. Fifth, several typical nonlinear actuator control models are introduced, and the nonlinear control strategies of actuators are summarized and analyzed. Finally, high power electrohydraulic, medium–high power electrohydrostatic, and medium–small power electromechanical actuators should be the key future development direction of aerospace ctuators.

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